Would you like an experienced online marketeer to help you develop a strategy?

Ever since I started my first blog in 2003, I’ve loved to discuss blogs and businesses. I have over 18 years of experience with copy writing and blog online marketing. I can help you with your online business.

On this page, you can learn about my services and how to work with me. 

Strategy Call: 

I have lots of experience with running an online business, creating a store, membership sites and creating blogs for sites that sell physical products. I can also help you with SEO and keyword strategies. You can book a strategy call with me anytime to clear your doubts or if you are unable to come to a decision on a blog or online business related question. 
My single session coaching package includes:
– an hour of coaching recorded for your reference
– a follow-up email with a list of suggestions prioritized to your needs
– 7 day of follow up email support.

Monthly Coaching:

If you’d like to work more closely with me, the monthly coaching package may be what you need.
  • kick-off call to set goals and formulate strategy
  • weekly call
  • unlimited support via email and video messages

Pinterest Management: 

Pinterest is one of the best ways to market your blog or physical or digital goods. If you’re looking to start marketing your business on Pinterest or just need help formulating a strategy for growth, let me help you set it up. I can help you with

  • Your goals and business ideas
  • Hashtag and descriptions
  • Board management
  • Ads
  • Help understanding your analytics
  • Creating a strategy that works for long term growth.

Copy editing, Creating Landing Pages and Sales Pages:

Would you like some help creating landing pages or sales pages that convert? Let me help you write it up. 

Creating Email and Opt-in Sequences:

I love writing emails. Do you need help brainstorming ideas on what kind of optins you should have to attract the right kind of subscribers? Or may be you have a list but it does not convert at all. Let me help you create an email sequence which will warm up your subscribers from just ‘getting to know you’ to ‘ready to buy from you’. I can help you:

  • Help you formulate a strategy
  • Brainstorm ideas for opt-ins
  • Help you create a sequence with 3-5 emails


Send me an email at jeddahmomblog(at)gmail(dot)com. I like to get to know my clients a bit before we start working. Tell me about your dreams… let’s see how we can make them come true!