Hi! I’m Aysh Siddiqua.

I believe that if God gave us talents, He is going to ask us how we used them.

I started my first blog in 2003 – as a hobby to find opportunities for myself as a new college grad. In the past 19 years I have worked as a writer, an editor, social media strategist, influencer and then a professional blogger, content creator, mentor and now I am a business owner.

Today, I own 8 blogs and make a full time income with them.

My super power is that I can take an idea and create a digital business out of it, such that it becomes a money making machine that runs itself. Yes, really!

You see, I started all my blogs with no initial investment because I didn’t want to put money in a hobby. As my blogs grew, they earned enough for me that I could invest what I earned back into them and now I sit back with a  full time income that is being made as a sleep. Literally.

I know how the blogging world works. I know how to build a blog from scratch and turn it into a full time income.

I have created eight blogs of my own including the very popular Jeddah Mom – each a separate business on their own. I have helped bloggers and brands create not just an online presence but also how to tame the algorithm on social media everywhere.

The techniques I teach here are the same tricks that I use to create a ‘blog to business’ idea.

I can show you how to not just blog for profit, but also to write such that people become raving fans and your blog works on auto pilot.

You can learn more about my coaching programs here.